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Absorption Chillers And Heat Pumps

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This book offers an in-depth description of absorption chillers and heat pumps, focusing on relatively simple systems that employ working fluids in the liquid and vapor phase. The book provides a thorough explanation of how thermodynamic and transport properties of working fluid mixtures enable them to influence the performance of absorption systems. The student or engineer who is a newcomer to the field will gain a comprehensive knowledge essential for the design and evaluation of absorption systems.
This book establishes a solid background in general thermodynamics for the reader. The properties of working fluid mixtures pertaining to absorption working fluid combinations are discussed, and various thermodynamic diagrams are introduced and explained. Water/lithium-bromide and ammonia/water absorption chillers and heat pumps are described, and their features and characteristics are detailed. Measures for improving efficiency are presented, and internal heat exchange options are analyzed.
Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps contains extensive examples. It also includes a demonstration copy of the Engineering Equation Solver (EES) program and program files for all of the examples in the text. Problems are listed at the end of major chapters. This unique book is a superior upper-level textbook for students, and a valuable reference source for engineers.

Water Wells And Pumps

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Design and Build Safe, Efficient Systems for Irrigation and Water Supply

"Water Wells and Pumps" is a comprehensive guide to the essential theory and design of ground water structures, wells/tube wells, and pumps, with particular emphasis on problem solving and meeting the requirements of developing nations. It features thorough, up-to-date knowledge of the science and technology of water wells and pumps as well as allied appliances and applications.

This authoritative desk reference outlines the construction, operation, and maintenance of water wells for irrigation and water supply. It also presents the development and testing of tube wells as well as a variety of pumps, both location-specific. Using SI units exclusively, "Water Wells and Pumps" features: Coverage of a variety of pumps, including those using nonconventional, environmentally friendly means Examinations of ground water recharge methods, well rehabilitation, and animal-powered water lifts Techno-economic evaluation of projects on wells and pumps References and problems at the end of each chapter for research and educational use

Solutions for all problems related to designing secure, reliable systems - Ground water resources development and utilization - Hydraulics of wells - Open wells - Tube wells and their designs - Development and testing of tube wells - Rehabilitation of sick and failed tube wells - Man- and animal-powered water lifts and positive displacement pumps - Variable displacement pumps and accessories - Centrifugal pumps - Deep well turbine and submersible pumps - Propeller, mixed flow, and jet pumps - Applications of nonconventional energy sources in pumping

Water Purification Using Heat Pumps

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This book is the result of a long-term co-operative research and professional development programme between the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE), Mexico, and the University of Salford, UK. It provides the design basis for the fabrication of small and large scale commercial absorption heat pump systems, and includes a comprehensive treatment of the economics of heat pump systems. It charts the development of heat pump technology from theoretical principles to the operation of practical systems for the purification of water, both for human consumption and a wide variety of industrial purposes.
In addition to the increasing demand for potable water there is a rapidly increasing demand for clean water in industries ranging from foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals to electronics. This book will be essential reading for industrial engineers and others concerned with the cost-effective, environmentally friendly production of clean water.

Chemical Occurrence Data Sets For Source Water Assessments

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This research project aims to identify, list, and characterize chemical occurrence databases and data sets that can be used by states and utilities to perform source water assessments. The data sets were inventoried and reviewed based on a variety of descriptors (metadata). Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) require all US states to establish Source Water Assessment Programs (SWAPs). This includes the submission of a plan to the USEPA detailing how the states will delineate source water assessment areas, inventory significant contaminants in these areas, and determine the susceptibility of each public water supply to contamination. The collection of existing data on chemical occurrence is one tool to help determine potential contaminants and perform susceptibility analyses for surface and groundwater. This project includes a review of available, relevant source water data sets (e.g., surface water and groundwater) that document chemical occurrence in an effort to develop a comprehensive data inventory to serve as a central resource when performing SWAPs. Data sources queried to accomplish this task included national databases and data sets available through regional and state agencies, water utilities, and volunteer groups. The majority of databases and data sets included in this research project were identified as a result of the participation and cooperation of local and state agencies. The project team also identified national data sets and some state and volunteer groups? data sets through online research. The product of this research has extensive application to the drinking water and regulatory communities for assessing source waters, enriching the ability to assemble and evaluate all existing and readily available water quality-related data and information. Specifically, this project documented chemical data stored in a variety of databases and provided a mechanism to access it and the associated metadata. The online tool, Source Water Quality Database, provides information on water quality data related to chemical occurrence stored in national, regional, and state data sets. Originally published by AwwaRF for its subscribers in 2003 This publication can be purchased and downloaded via Pay Per View on Water Intelligence Online - click on the Pay Per View icon below

Spookley The Square Pumpkin

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I don't have a family," Spookley said with a moan.
I'm the only square pumpkin that has ever grown."

Spookley the Square Pumpkin wishes he had a family and a place he belonged. He feels sad and alone, until he discovers that no one family tree grows quite the same as another.


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