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A Farming Legacy 1910-2010

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In the early days of the 20th century times were hard for a rural economy under pressure. Wealthy Suffolk business-owner, Felix Thornley Cobbold made a financial bequest which, on his death in 1909, was to 'help create a better rural economy' and change the future for many rural labourers. This detailed book is an account of his legacy over 100 years. Rosalind's account begins by looking at the man himself and the pressures and upheaval of the rural economy in his time. She recounts the vision that he had and the changes that he sought to make. She then follows the trust's history as it developed alongside the changes in agriculture from the Second World War through to the recent decline in farming. Over the years it has taken a large number of dedicated people to keep the trust running through the changes and difficulties which it faced. These people feature significantly in the book. While this book was in development, Otley College reached its 40th anniversary. To celebrate, an additional chapter covers the history of this widely respected institution, built on Cobbold land. This account is not simply a history of the development of the charitable trust but a story of the agricultural history of Suffolk, and similar arable areas throughout England, over 100 years.

Farming, Fascism And Ecology

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The life of Jorian Jenks (1899-1963) has great potential to upset settled assumptions. Why did a sensitive and intelligent man from a liberal family become a fascist? How did a Blackshirt go green? The son of an eminent academic, from his childhood onwards Jenks instead longed to farm. Lacking the means to do so, he worked as a farm bailiff and then, in New Zealand, as a government agricultural instructor. Finally, a legacy permitted him to come home and become a tenant farmer. Struggling to survive in the economic depression of the 1930s, he became an author and activist for rural reconstruction. Then, having lost faith in the established parties, he joined the British Union of Fascists. Becoming one of the Blackshirts' leading figures, he was imprisoned without trial during the war. On his release, Jenks returned to the struggle, this time in the cause of ecology, becoming a pioneer of today's organic movement and a founder of the Soil Association. This book draws on an extensive range of sources, a large proportion of which were previously unseen by historians. For the first time, it portrays the private and public life of this unusual man, revealing many hitherto un-glimpsed facets of Jenks' life.

Quail Farming For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Are you looking forward to raising quails for the first time? This book is specifically dedicated to you. It's a quick A to Z beginners' guide on raising healthy quails. This book has a wealth of valuable information covering major key areas in quail farming including: how to start quail farming as a beginner, what to include in a quail farming business plan, raising quails for profit, raising quails for fun, Housing, health, general care, food and nutritional requirements. Breeding: how to select, incubate, hatch quail eggs and take good care of quail chicks into adulthood. Quail diseases: Causes, preventions and treatments have also been adequately covered plus a bonus section on invaluable measures you can put in place to help you raise healthy quails. The contents herein have been deeply researched and carefully woven together in an easy to understand language and style. Taking your time to go through this invaluable material is one investment you'll never regret to have taken!


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