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Agriculture As A Mimic Of Natural Ecosystems

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This book critically examines the idea that the sustainability of agriculture could be improved by mimicking the structure and processes occurring in natural ecosystems. Researchers from around the world present comparative studies of multi-species farming systems, natural ecosystems and conventional agriculture. Case studies from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America examine the implications of increasing the complexity of farming systems on water and nutrient cycling, productivity and resilience. Theoretical issues discussed include the role of biodiversity in agriculture, the trade-off between perenniality and productivity, the choice to integrate or segregate production and conservation in an agricultural landscape, and the social and economic challenges to adopting complex farming systems. One section is devoted to the application of this concept in southern Australia, where 15 million hectares of land are expected to be affected by salinity by the middle of the next century unless there is a significant change in agricultural practice.

Multifunctional Agriculture

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In a time of great agricultural and rural change, the notion of 'multifunctionality' has remained under-theorized and poorly linked to wider debates in the social sciences. This book analyses the extent to which the proposed transition towards post-productivist agriculture holds up to scientific scrutiny, and proposes a modified productivist/non-productivist model that better encapsulates the complexity of agricultural and rural change. By combining existing notions and concepts, this book (re)conceptualizes agricultural change, creating a new transition theory, and a new way of looking at the future of agriculture.

Observations On The Effects Of The Corn Laws And Of A Rise Or Fall In The Price Of Corn On The Agriculture And General Wealth Of A Country

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In his Observations on the Effects of the Corn Laws, Thomas Robert Malthus discusses the circumstances surrounding the proposed laws on the foreign grain market, called the Corn Laws of 1815. Malthus aimed to inform the members of Parliament as they voted on banning the sale foreign grains until the price of British grain was increased. The pamphlet captures a fascinating moment in history with Malthus's commentary on free trade as it affected British economy at that time. One year later, Malthus wrote a similar treatise, The Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of Restricting the Importation of Foreign Corn, which he intended as an appendix to this work. THOMAS ROBERT MALTHUS (1766-1834) was an English classical economist, educated at Jesus College in Cambridge. In 1798, he took orders as a curate at Albury in Surrey, and became a Professor of History and Political Economy at the East India Company College (now known as Haileybury) in 1805. His most notable work is An Essay on the Principle of Population, with six editions published between 1798 to 1826.


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Water Tank Water Pump Dam Pump Farming
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